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Tarring Division

Tarring Neighbourhood Panel

Tarring Neighbourhood Panel Meeting 11th January 2012


1)     PCSO Julie Green

2)     Ian Richardson

3)     Bob Smytherman

4)     Alan Rice

5)     Terry Rickard

6)     Roger Dwyer

7)     Sue Loveland

8)     David King

9)     Helen King

10)  Vino

11)  Russ Akehurst

Apologies: Norah Fisher and Anthony Corcoran.

Previous Priorities

1)     Cycling on Pavements

2)     Littering in Park

Cycling on pavements discussed the initiative is working well and people are quite receptive. However young people are not aware of what the no cycling sign means. Bob to liaise with council to see if we can have no cycling signs to be placed under the traffic signs to reiterate what the sign means. Also discussed was a possibility of using one of the paths in Tarring Park on the northern side could be used as a cycle path. Bob will follow this up.

Littering has been dropped as this isn’t a problem at the moment.

New Priorities

1)     Speeding Lindum Road and St Andrews Road at the Northern end.

2)     Cycling initiative.


Bob Smytherman contact council re speeding strip in St Andrews Road, contact Highways re no cycling signs. Speak to council re possible cycle path through Tarring Park.

Julie to liaise with PCSO Mitchell, regarding Speed Watch and also risk assessing further roads in Tarring.

Thank you to everyone that attended and for Ian who chaired the meeting. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 14th March at 7pm. The venue will be West Worthing Baptist Church South Street Tarring.