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Videos show how West Sussex copes with bad weather

by Press Officer on 12 March, 2013

As parts of West Sussex have been battling with more snowy weather, three new videos on the West Sussex County Council website take an in-depth look at how the county copes with snow, flooding and potholes.

One film meets the men and looks at the technology behind salting and gritting the county’s roads.  It asks how decisions are taken on which ones are treated, and which are not.

The films also look at how the council has beefed up operations to combat flooding, and cope with an increasing number of potholes.

One visits the scene of a flood, where County Council Leader Louise Goldsmith explains why Operation Watershed has been set up.  The £8.25m operation is prioritising the worst-hit areas of West Sussex, and is also paying for the county’s pothole patrols to be increased threefold.

Another video takes a detailed look at what causes potholes, and explains the process of repairing them.

“With extra millions from our reserves being put into the flooding and pothole problems, it’s important that people can see for themselves how all these issues are being dealt with,” said Pieter Montyn, Cabinet Member for Planning, Highways and Transport.

“We are determined to ensure that life will continue as normally as possible by doing everything we can to keep West Sussex moving.”

The films can be viewed in the Latest Videos section at:

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