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Worthing Liberal Democrats Weekly Newsletter – 11th to 17th November 2012

by Press Officer on 18 November, 2012

Articles for the past week:

Leader:  Down on Teville Gate drive

News this past week:

1.  Hot Stuff At Shafique’s
2.  Run For Love – Catherine Bearder Speaks
3.  PCC – The People Do Not Speak


Lib Dems will keep Worthing’s services local

Lib Dems will get on with bringing our town into the 21st century – no more dither and delay

Lib Dems will ensure ‘We are all in it together’ – no more waste and high pay

Lib Dems are the only opposition in Worthing – Labour can’t win here

Lib Dems support 20 mph in Worthing’s residential roads

Leader:  Down on Teville Gate drive

When the Tories took power in 2004 one of their election promises was to do something about Teville Gate.  Ever since the Tories have claimed there is nothing they can do as it is privately owned. Their drive to do something about Teville Gate is definitely down since they gained power.  We have seen the bulk of existing shops demolished, we have seen several iterations of the “Twin Towers” planning applications, we have seen Eric Pickles give the go ahead, we have seen soil sampling and we have seen countless start dates promised in the Worthing Herald.  At this time last year, almost to the day, the Herald published an article with the headline “Teville Gate developers in Worthing confirm schedule for multi-million site in 2012.”   The article promised a start date in Autumn 2012 – Autumn must be running late this year.

Every taxi driver, reflecting the concerns of their passengers, asks us “What is happening about Teville Gate?”   Every month South Broadwater Residents Association has Teville Gate as an item on their committee agenda – they too are asking what is happening?  Every month there is little or zero to say and they quickly move to the next item.  We too are asking questions – why aren’t the Tories?  Why are offices still offered “To Let” at the site?  Why are leases, we understand,  being renewed?  Why, again we understand, is work being contemplated at the NCP Car Park?   Just when will we see a spade in the ground?

Recently an ex-Councillor and current businessman said when he became a councillor around 30 years ago the then Chief Executive told him he must remember “Worthing Borough Council is re-active not pro-active.”  Thirty years later it would appear little has changed.  When Worthing Liberal Democrats gain power they will change that attitude, we will be pro-active, we will take steps to regenerate the town.  Woking Borough Council took steps to revitalise their town by buying a shopping mall – we should be taking similar steps where nothing is happening.  How about the Guildbourne Centre?  Indeed, how about Teville Gate?

And we will not wait until we gain power to press for things to happen, we will bring those ideas to the table to regenerate Worthing now and we will not use the lame excuse “it’s not in our hands”.  Will the Tory Cabinet listen to us? Will the Tory Cabinet have solutions of their own?  That is definitely “not in our hands”.  But as voters it is in yours.

Come alive, come alive, (no more) down on Teville Gate drive.

Worthing Liberal Democrats



Monday 12th November – Worthing West Liberal Democrats are holding a “Curry Night” to raise funds at Shafique’s Restuarant, 42 Goring Road, Worthing BN12 4AD on Monday 26th November at 7.30 pm. It will be the ever popular “all you can eat buffet” at £20 a head and a ticket only event. Tickets can be obtained from Jackie Cranefield, 45 Salvington Road, Worthing BN13 2HW.  Call Jackie on landline: 01903 266143 or mobile: 07973 961003.  Alternatively e-mail Jackie at:


Tuesday 13th November – Lib Dem Euro MP Catherine Bearder has been a non stop campaigner against human trafficking. Today she writes about the forthcoming “Run for Love 1000” – Make communities hostile for traffickers: “More and more people are getting involved with the fight to raise awareness about human trafficking in our communities. Run for Love 1000 is a campaign to give care and support to victims of trafficking gangs. The project involves a 1,000 mile run from Odessa to Dubrovnik an April 2013.
I offered the team some words of support… “Whenever I say: ‘It’s happening in your community,’ I see the raised eyebrows. I am a Euro MP representing the South East of England.  Surely the region is a world away from the horror of human trafficking?  But the doubters are seeing the bubble burst. It is happening.  Along leafy suburban streets, quiet cul-de-sacs, in sedate country backwaters.  Human beings are being bought and sold and business is booming. Modern day slavery means men, women and children are being hawked for sexual exploitation, forced begging and domestic servitude.  Customers and victims are not confined to backstreets in third world countries. Like all business, the gangmasters who profit go to great lengths to make sure their cargo get to places where demand is highest.  I have raised the issue of a spike in trafficking around large sport events, such as the Olympic Games and Euro 2012 football championships.It wasn’t a popular thing to say.  Then again, I’m not surprised, it’s not something people wanted to hear. Meanwhile, I have worked with airlines, police forces and community groups to help raise awareness of the problem.  The message is clear: Open Your Eyes.  We need to be alert to the signs.  But if it is happening in our communities, then it can be tackled by our communities. It is vital we create a hostile environment for traffickers.  Run for Love 1000 is helping people open their eyes by staging an arduous physical challenge.  Row for Freedom saw five women make it across the Atlantic to put trafficking in the spotlight.  It had an enormous impact.  I’m sure Run for Love 1000 can do the same. To find out more log on at (South East Liberal Democrats Press Release)


Friday 16th November – It was a disappoining turnout in yesterday’s Police & Crime Commissioner elections with Worthing only attaining 13.4% and Adur 13.9%.  Voting figures for the first preference in Worthing were: Katy Bourne (Tory): 3207; Ian Chisnall (Ind): 2492; Tony Armstrong (UKIP): 1901; Geoffrey Daniel (Lab): 1729 and David Rogers (Lib Dem): 1306.  Voting figures for the first preference in Adur – Katy Bourne (Tory): 1853; Ian Chisnall (Ind): 1459; Tony Armstrong (UKIP): 1399; Geoffrey Daniel (Lab): 1264 and David Rogers (Lib Dem): 567.  But overall in Sussex Labour was second choice and the second round was between the Tory Katy Bourne and Labour Geoffrey Daniel.  Second preference votes in Worthing: Katy Bourne: 1225 and  Geoffrey Daniel: 917.  Second preference votes in Adur: Katy Bourne: 765 and Geoffrey Daniel: 578.   Throughout Sussex Katy Bourne pulled away on the second preferences and was duly elected.


Wednesday 21st November – WSCC Environmental and Community Services Select Committee – County Hall, Chichester at 10.30 am
Wednesday 21st November – Lib Dem Northbrook/Durrington Ward Surgery – The Durrington Community Centre, New Road 7.30 to 8.30 pm
Thursday 22nd November – WSCC Shadow West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board – County Hall, Chichester at 2.15 pm
Thursday 22nd November – ADC & WBC Joint Governance & Audit Committee – Gordon Room, Town Hall at 6.30 pm
Saturday 24th November – Lib Dem Castle Ward Surgery – The Strand Shops 10.00 to 10.30 am
Saturday 24th November – Lib Dem Gaisford/Tarring Castle Wards Surgery – West Worthing Baptist Church, South Street, Tarring 10.30 am to 12.00 noon


Monday 26th November – WSCC Governance Committee – County Hall, Chichester at 2.15 pm
Monday 26th November – Worthing West Liberal Democrats Curry Night – Shafique’s, Goring Road at 7.30 pm
Tuesday 27th November – WSCC Cabinet –  County Hall, Chichester at 10.00 am
Wednesday 28th November – WSCC Children and Young People’s Select Committee – County Hall, Chichester at 10.00 am
Wednesday 28th November- WBC Planning Committee –  Gordon Room, Town Hall at 6.00 pm
Saturday 1st December – Lib Dem Central Ward Surgery – Sidney Walter Centre, Sussex Road 10.30 am to 12.00 noon
and every first Saturday of the month
Saturday 1st December – Lib Dem Broadwater Ward Surgery – The Community House, Dominion Road 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm
and every first Saturday of the month

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